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Welcome to Week Three of School Resources You Can Use
8/29/2016 9:03:04 AM
Some of the excitement of the first of the school year has worn off and you are into a routine in your classroom. I thought this might be a good time to share some "high quality" resources that have been endorsed by teachers - just like you. 

One of our partners - Achieve the Core - has developed a new website entitled What I Use in My Classroom. Click here to visit the site.

It offers a list of personal recommendations on free tools, classroom materials, digital applications, and professional development resources. 

The list is organized into six sections: ELA, math, social studies, sciences, digital tools, and professional development. Teachers describe the resource, how they use it in their classroom and any hints on implementation.

The resources are in an Excel format and the summaries include the strengths and weaknesses of each tool and specifics of implementation from teachers who have used them within their own classrooms. All of the resources are free to access via an embedded link and are aligned to college and career-ready standards.

Join this listserv and add your own recommendations.

Have a great week, and please let us know how we can assist you. 

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