Charter School Research

The Arkansas Public School Resource Center is compiling a collection of resources which provide information on charter schools. Please take a moment to explore these articles and learn more about charter schools in Arkansas and the charter school movement.

Arkansas Department of Education: Data and statistics on all public schools
National Alliance for Public Charter Schools: Updates on the charter school movement and charters schools
State Charter Law Rankings Database: How Arkansas's charter law compares to the model law
Charter School Studies
Finds that open-enrollment charter schools in Pulaski County are often more integrated than their traditional public school counterparts and that charter schools are helping the desegregation efforts.
Office for Education Policy September 2009
Compares charter schools to non-charter schools in 16 states and looks at the academic achievement of students both schools. Finds that Arkansas charter schools students show significant gains in math and literature compared to their traditional public school counterparts.
CREDO June 2009
National study on the public charter school movement including charter school data by state.
National Alliance for Public Charter Schools June 2009



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